Bike Ski Rack

Ready to go carbon-free with your skiing commute? Here are some tips for attaching a ski tube to your rear bike rack. My ski carrier requires a standard rear wheel bike rack and rest of the parts are very easy to obtain from your local hardware store.
You will need to get these items from the hardware store: a two foot section of PVC 6″ pipe and 5 car hose clamps. I found the 2 foot pipe pre-cut at Lowes. Get the thinnest walled pipe grade possible and perforated if available, all in the interest of a light piece of pipe. Two of your hose clamps must fit around the 6″ pipe. Position them near the top and bottom of your pipe. The other three clamps can be much smaller and are used to connect the pipe to the rear rack stays. Position your smaller clamps according to rack design. I used two small clamps through the top big pipe clamp and one small clamp through the bottom large pipe clamp.
Lastly, you are going to need something to keep your skis tails from hitting the roadway, use a pipe cap or in my case, I made a netted cap with some nylon sling. As ski bindings come in all shapes and sizes, make sure they will fit into your pipe ski rack. In some configurations, I have seen a bike with two attached pipes. Total cost is about $20. Make sure to position your pipe on your rear rack, so your heel has adequate clearance while pedaling.
FYI: I also have a Kenda Klondike studded snow tire on my front wheel which has worked really well. No crashes yet this winter.