Euro Tour

This is a how-to book on cycle touring in Europe. Much of this book’s content is related to lightweight touring vs. heavier traditional bike touring. If you desire to plan your own self-guided cycle tour in Europe, then, this book should help you organize for a more comfortable and less encumbered trip. Below is the book’s intro video and some sample pages. At the very bottom of the page, you will find instructions on updating your copy of Euro Tour.

 iBookstore_Badge_150There are two versions of Euro Tour: Apple ibook and PDF formats. If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac, I recommend getting the iBook version from Apple’s iBookStore. The iBook version is $10 at the iBookstore or you can sample Chapter one for free.

If your device or reader can download and view PDF formatted documents, you can install the PDF version of Euro Tour. Keep in mind, that the PDF version of Euro Tour is not as robust as the iBook version but the text, images, and layout are exactly the same in both formats. The PDF version does not included the tutorial videos, embedded Google maps, and other interactive features that the iBook version includes. The PDF version of Euro Tour is $8 and can be purchased and downloaded directly from this page (PayPal and credit cards, SSL secure), just click the Buy Euro Tour button in the upper right hand corner.

Click thumbnails for slideshow of sample pages.

  • Euro Tour, Lite European Cycle Touring
  • Author/Publisher: Gordon Banks
  • ISBN: 9780615900759
  • Copyright ©2014
  • Apple iBook or PDF format
  • iBook Requirements: iPad, iPhone, or Mac with the Apple iBook App installed
  • 190 pages
  • 4 videos
  • 300+ images
  • 17 Sample Tours
  • Google Maps integration (w/internet)

Table of Contents:

  1. Euro Touring
  2. Pre Trip Packing
  3. Getting to Europa
  4. Touring Budgets
  5. Route Planning
  6. Public Transportation with Bikes
  7. Self Support Touring
  8. Vehicle Supported Touring
  9. Credit Card Touring
  10. Zimmer Frei
  11. Euro Camping
  12. Sample Tours
  13. Touring Cities
  14. Touring Safety
  15. Tools and Maintenance
  16. Lite Touring Bikes
  17. Touring Gear
  18. Via Ferrata
  19. Mobile Photography
  20. Euro Travel Apps
  21. Euro Tour 2.0
  22. Check Lists

Euro Tour Updates

Euro Tour is regularly updated and those updates are free. Below are instructions for updating ibook and PDF versions of Euro Tour.

  • In October of 2016 version 1.8 of Euro Tour was released. Apple Pay, Andalusia Tour, Airbnb, Ride with GPS, bike shipping
  • In March of 2016 version 1.7 of Euro Tour was released. iCloud Photo Library iOS9 update, Pre-Tour iPhone Tips
  • In August of 2015 version 1.6 of Euro Tour was released. Chapter on Lite Touring bikes was updated.
  • In July of 2015 version 1.5 of Euro Tour was released. This version enhances Euro Tour for the iPhone.
  • In March of 2015 version 1.4 of Euro Tour was released. In this version you will find updated information on the dropping value of the Euro, Find My iPhone app, SivaCycle Atom, Apple Pay, iPhone 6, Google off-line maps, and Google Translate v3.1 improvements.

Here are the instructions to update your copy of Euro Tour (iBook format):

  • Launch the iBooks app on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac.
  • Click “Purchased” panel to see books you have purchased in the iBookstore.
  • Find Euro Tour from list of books and click the “Update” button.
Find Euro Tour in your purchased books, then click update
Find Euro Tour in your purchased books, then click update

Here are the instructions to update your copy of Euro Tour (PDF format):

  • Login into your account in the sidebar on this page.