Lighten Up!

The above four items = 4 lbs.
The above four items = 4 lbs.

I finally have my lite-weight camping setup together. After about two months of shopping and researching, I have a new bag, sleeping pad, stove, and 2-man tent that all fit easily into my Watershed carrying bag. I even have extra space for some other travel items. It is amazing how this “go-lite” equipment has changed since I last upgraded my camping gear. My next objective is getting this gear on my road bike and not looking like a mule. The goal is lite, stealth, and compact. My goal is to be pannier-free!

Lite weight camping gear:

  • 16 oz/$270 Western Mtn. Highlite Bag
  • 9 oz/$75 ThermaRest Neo Air 3/4 pad
  • 38 oz/$270 Tarptent, Cloudburst 2 person tent
  • 1 oz/$35 Vargo Titanium Stove
  • 64oz or 4lbs. Total

Cloudburst Tents In Stock

Tarptent's Cloudburst tent
Tarptent's Cloudburst tent
Tarptents finally got some of their tents in stock today and I ordered a Cloudburst 2 today. A two person tent that weights only 38 oz! I have been emailing Henry the owner of Tarptents and he has been very helpful. It’s hard to check these tents out because he says “I don’t do the retail thing”, but he says you can return anything. I finally have my ultra-lite Euro bike tour camping stuff (sleeping bag, pad, and tent). Now I just need a lite rear-end bike rack to carry everything.