Wanted: British Columbia Powder Whore

Does this work for you?
Does this work for you?

I have the week of Jan 31-Feb 6, 2010 at a small hut in British Columbia. It is accessed via snowmobiles. The week price is $USD 850 (plus, you have to get yourself up there).  You must reach Revelstoke, BC by Saturday night, Jan 30th. You must be a strong backcountry skier (Tele or AT). The week includes one guide/cook. You might be asked to drive a snowmobile occasionally. It is a very different and unique Canadian hut experience, and in my mind, the best powder to cash hut value in the Canadian Selkirks.
January 9th update: Rod reports 18″ this week. Two blue-bird powder days. High avalanche danger on the north sides, so they skied mostly south faces. No rain problems like Montana.
Pics from first week of January 2010. More snow coming next week.
Update January 29th: Two slots open as of today. Lisa broke her leg two days ago. She is really hoping you will take her slot, so her hut deposit can go towards her hospital bills.