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Cycling Andalusia

Andalusia is the most southern region of Spain with distinct Moorish architecture featuring beautiful white villages. Everyone leaves Andalusia with their favorite white town. Some towns offer all services including excellent restaurants, and others have nothing for riders or tourist, except maybe a single "venta" which offers cold drinks, tapas, or maybe meals. Because of Spanish custom, meals in this region can be tricky with nothing open in the late afternoon. You might not find dining until 8pm. The largest and most central town is Ronda; famous for its gorge bridge. It has become touristy, but still offers a half dozen day nice rides from town. Basing out of Ronda or Grazalema would provide great cycling day trips.
Do not consider this tour during the summer months because of the heat. You need bring only your lightest gear kit. There are many route configuration possibilities including; riding to the southern tip of Iberia, at Gibraltar. Logistically, there are two regional rail lines that accept bikes: Algecias to Bododilla and Malaga to Bododilla. To start my route, take the hourly train to Alora from Malaga.
Some of the images and clips in the video were from the Pyrenees region.

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