Touring Bike Rack

trunk_bikeAfter some false starts with bike racks and bike bags, today I got together a pretty good system for surprisingly little cash. Debra let me install her Nitto rear rack and I picked up a Trans It trunk bag at Performance Bikes on sale for only $29. The main compartment of the trunk bag has my sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and 2-man CloudBurst tent (as shown), the top compartment and the three smaller side compatments are still availible for addtional gear. On a test ride, the rear weight (approx. 5 lbs) carried well. I don’t want to carry everything in the rear and have a fat ass, so I am looking into a small lite-weight hydration pack for some clothes and personal gear. I think I am finally ready to start making a complete gear and clothes list, now that my bike rack is installed.